Friday, 24 February 2012

Unit 1 - Little Hearts for His Glory - 6/2/12 and 20/2/12 - 24/2/12

Well, after much anticipation, James' LHFHG package finally arrived in the post.  Then we got a start on the 6th.  Obviously due to my little stay in the hospital, we didn't get past day 1.  However this week, we finished the unit and have been having a blast.  What a wonderful programme, and so perfect for my lovely boy.

J has really enjoyed jumping, leaping, crawling, hopping, stomping, bouncing and waddling this week along to our rhyme called 'God's Creation'.  What a wonderful way to learn the names of the seven continents, but what excited me most was the recognition when we saw, in History for Little Pilgrims, a map with the seven continents shown.  However, I'm not sure whether the recognition was mine, or J's.

He has memorised Matthew 19:14 this week too.  Carrie has put such fun ways into HOD to help them memorise the verses by doing physical activities, including throwing socks into a basket.  He hasn't got the words down pat, but that doesn't surprise me with my boy, but he has done a really great job.  I also love that his music CD matches his memory verse so it is another way for him to hear it.

He has really been enjoying storytime and hearing about Reddy Fox and his adventures.  We really enjoyed discussing how Reddy is getting to bold and is going to find himself in some big trouble.  He liked writing Reddy a letter to warn him not to be so bold.  Most of all, I think the idea of someone waiting with a shotgun hidden behind a tree has really got his attention, because he knows how his Dad goes out with the gun onto the farm and shoots the bunnies and possoms.

This is James' letter to Reddy.  If you can't read it, it says, Dear Reddy Fox, You need to stop getting so bold because Bowser the Hound will get you.  From James.

James really loved doing his art project this week.  He had to make a collage and then cut out a cross that I had drawn and then he stuck his cross on top.  Of course, I got distracted and started doing something with the girls and he got tired of gluing small pieces on for the collage so started gluing large pieces to it.  I did encourage him to add some smaller black pieces.  But all in all, he had fun.

He was so proud of his hard work.  He loves being creative and having something to show for it.

Overall, J and I had a fantastic time.  I am really looking forward to next week and the rest of the year.  I can see him making great leaps and bounds this year.

J's speech therapist came out on Tuesday morning and gave us some great work to do to help J with the sound 'd'.  What fun we are having.  She gave us a set of  'd' cards, and for the last two days we have played 'Go Fish'.  He beat me both days, today by a huge margin.  Never mind, the joy and delight in his face at beating the pants off me was worth it.

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