Monday, 12 March 2012

Unit 2 & 3 - LHTHG - 27/03/12 - 9/03/12


In Unit 2, James and I learnt alot about Noah and the flood.  It was a great week.  James is really starting to listen and also remember what we have already learnt about.

J was pretending here to be in the garden of Eden.  I was asking him to do things in and out of the garden.  The garden was inside the square.  Here he was asked to walk around the edge of the garden.  This was great for him as he had to listen carefully and follow the instructions.
J is displaying his art work here.  He coloured the page with bright colours and then together we coloured over it in black.  Then I etched the shape of the heart out and he etched the inside of the heart.  It didn't quite show the beautiful colours that he had used, but I think the quality of the crayons may have had something to do with it.
This is the four children dancing to J's music.  His music is of the memory verse for the week.  For some reason they all come running when they hear it on and start to dance together.  It just brings such joy to them all.

J had to make a boat out of foil and pretended it was Noah's boat.  Then he had to add things until it sank.

As you can see it took some sinking.  We ended up having to make some quite vigorous waves to get it to go down.

And it finally began to go.  What a great demonstration of how Noah's ark was built so well to hold its precious cargo.


During Unit 3, we learnt about the Tower of Babel, and the languages getting confused and the people moving to different parts of the world.

Here J is pretending to pack like the people did at the Tower of Babel.  He did a great job folding his clothes and putting them in his bag.

Here he is with his finished bag.  He was really proud of how well he had done.  I do think though the size of the bag was a bit of a hindrance but at the time I couldn't find anything smaller.
James has been working really hard with all of his work.  He is beginning to read, using a programme called The Reading Lesson.  It is wonderful to see him blending words with me and working out what they are saying.

He is also making some great connections between the different books we are reading.  He really is enjoying listening to 'The Adventures of Reddy Fox' by Thornton Burgess.  During this unit, Reddy Fox got a little too confident and ended up getting shot by Farmer Brown's boy.  This was something that really grabbed J's attention, as he knows his Dad goes out with the shot gun to shoot rabbits and possoms on the farm.

This was a science experiment, which involved smelling different herbs and spices.  He was wondering what to start with.

He worked out that the scent on the cotton ball matched the thyme in the packet, and thought himself pretty smart.

Here he is thinking very carefully about whether this smell matched the one in the spice packet.  Eli was trying very hard to join in.

This was J's artwork for the week.  I wrote his name on the black paper with a white crayon.  He then used a nail and hammer and hammered the holes in it.  He then chose a yellow piece of paper to put behind it.  It looks really effective with the sunlight directly behind it.  He also added his own drawings to the front of it.

 Over all, we had a fabulous two weeks.  He really enjoyed it and learnt a great deal.

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